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Italian Prime Minister's PR Problems

Guru Fraser Seitel says Silvio Berlusconi should take a cue from Bill Clinton

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  1. 'The Right Decision'

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak reacts to news that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will resign in September

  2. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 1: Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacts to Usama bin Laden tape

  3. British PM Takes Paternity Leave

    David Cameron becomes first British prime minister to take statutory paternity leave after birth of new daughter, Florence Rose Endellion

  4. Salacious Scandal

    Italian prime minister says he never paid for sex

  5. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 2: Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Obama team working to shut down Gitmo

  6. The Bottom Line

    Spokesman for Israeli prime minister on what it would take to achieve ceasefire in Gaza

  7. Putin's Need for Speed

    Russian prime minister test drives Formula One car

  8. Israeli PM Asks for Spy Release

    Pollard has spent 25 years in prison

  9. Japanese Government Reacts to Disaster

    Exclusive interview with spokesperson Noriyuki Shikata

  10. Giuliani: 'We Need Energy Independence'

    Former New York City mayor on nuclear power, Japan crisis, Obama's leadership

  11. Defcon3: Multiculturism Leads to Terrorism?

    Panel discusses comments by UK Prime Minister David Cameron on consequences of a segmented society

  12. Prostitution Probe Could Sink Berlusconi

    Italy's controversial leader accused of paying for sex with teen

  1. Somalian Prime Minister Tries To Restore Order

    PM has history in Buffalo, New York

  2. Somali Prime Minister's New York Connection

    Man fighting to make a change on the dangerous streets of Somalia has ties with Buffalo, New York

  3. Japanese Prime Minister Calls for 'Resolve'

    Naoto Kan addresses difficulties ahead

  4. Britain Changing Health Care System

    Prime minister cites cost, red tape, management control

  5. Sex Scandal Rocks Italy

    Probe into Prime Minister Berlusconi's relationship with teen dancer

  6. Major Interview

    Obama meets with Russian Prime Minister Putin, sits down with FOX News

  7. Q&A

    President Obama and Prime Minister Singh answer questions on Afghanistan, nuclear proliferation

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