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Jimmy Carter

Obama Following Jimmy Carter's Path?

President's approval rating trending eerily similar to last Democratic one-term president

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  1. Race Relations Declining in America

    Why has the racial divide gotten worse since Obama was elected president?

  2. 'Joe Biden: A Personal Look'

    Greta takes an in-depth look at the Democratic VP nominee

  3. Video Shows President Carter Moments Before Getting Sick

    Passenger records cell phone video of former president aboard plane

  4. Critics: Stimulus Paying for Bridges, Ramps to 'Nowhere'

    President touts stimulus amid claims of widespread waste

  5. Can Carter Thaw Icy North Korea Relations?

    Ex-president's rescue mission comes as tensions rise over regime's nuclear ambitions

  6. Unexpected Win

    President Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

  7. Obama Mulls GOP Retreat?

    Report: President considering Camp David trip with Republicans

  8. Emanuel: Obama Faced 'Toughest Time' of Any President

    Outgoing White House chief of staff lionizes Obama

  9. Hannity's America: 1/14

    Obama's gay marriage flip-flop

  10. Carter's Mission Successful

    Former President Carter frees U.S. man from North Korean prison

  11. Around the World

    Vice president-elect Biden makes surprise Iraq visit; Jimmy Carter goes to China

  12. Trump: 'My Message Is Better'

    Exclusive: Donald Trump on a potential 2012 run, his Mar-a-Lago estate

  1. Jimmy Carter's Mission to North Korea

    Former president seeks release of captive American

  2. Jimmy Carter to North Korea

    Former president making personal trip to secure freedom of imprisoned American

  3. Dennis Miller on 'America Live'

    Comedian weighs in on Obama's sinking popularity, Hollywood's political double standard

  4. Around the World: Major Flooding in Thailand

    Landslides, floods affect 700,000 people

  5. Former President Carter Hospitalized

    85-year-old transported from Cleveland Hopkins Airport to hospital

  6. October Surprise

    Trailing in the polls, can John McCain turn his campaign around?

  7. Keeping the Rogue Regime in the Family?

    North Korean dictator promotes youngest son to four-star general. What does it mean for America?

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