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Pat Toomey

Freshmen Senator Returns From Afghanistan

Sen . Pat Toomey firsthand account

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  1. Budget Buster

    Specter opponent Pat Toomey questions cost of health care

  2. Week Ahead: 10/16

    Lindsay Lohan returns to court

  3. The Journal Editorial Report 10/30

    Michael Barone breaks down emerging midterm trends

  4. Rove: The Road Ahead for 2011

    Rove looks at potential political stars in 2011, Boehner as House Speaker, Hillary's presidential ambition and more

  5. Bret Baier Anchors AEHQ

    Bret Baier with election night results

  6. DeMint Takes On Establishment Republicans

    Jim DeMint emerges as kingmaker of new crop of fiscally conservative Republicans

  7. Toomey Rejects 'Extreme' Label

    Fires back at Democratic opponent for Pennsylvania Senate seat

  8. Sen. Casey: 'We Have to Come Together'

    Democratic senator on outcome of election, future of country

  9. Blue States in Danger of Turning Red

    Midterm races once considered safe for Democrats now in play for Republicans

  10. Megyn Kelly Anchors AEHQ

    Megyn Kelly with election night results

  11. Hot Race in Pennsylvania

    Sestak, Toomey look for edge in Senate race

  12. Obama Helping or Hurting Democrats?

    President's campaign stops may ultimately help the GOP

  1. Midterm Election Series-Pennsylvania

    Fmr. Rep . Pat Toomey talks about his campaign for US Senate in PA

  2. Toomey: 'This Should Have Been Done Last Year'

    Pennsylvania senator on Continuing Resolution vote, spending cuts, budget

  3. Why Did Specter Fall?

    Pa. Gov. Rendell on what weighed incumbent senator down

  4. Pat Toomey : 'We're Going to Create Jobs'

    GOP candidate wins Pennsylvania Senate seat

  5. Party Politics

    Republican front-running senatorial candidate Pat Toomey on GOP popularity in Pennsylvania and across America

  6. Fox News Sunday

    Sunday, 6p ET: We talk mid-term elections with candidates Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin only on ‘Fox News Sunday!’

  7. Pennsylvania Goes Red

    Senator -elect Pat Toomey on his new job in Washington, D.C.

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