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Orrin Hatch

Hatch Blasts 'Absurd' Terror Trial

Sen . Orrin Hatch says KSM 'ought to be treated like the terrorist he is'

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  12. Primetime Lineup

    Wednesday, Starting at 9p ET: Will the great tax deal really help jumpstart the economy? Senators John Thune and Orrin Hatch go ‘On the Record!’

  1. Sneak Peek: Sen . Orrin Hatch 'On the Record'

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  3. On the Record

    Friday, 10p/1a ET: Special guest Sen . Orrin Hatch takes a stab at the costly health care bill. Don't miss it on an all new 'On the Record'!

  4. Real Agent of Change?

    Sen . Orrin Hatch defends John McCain and his policies

  5. Tort Reform

    Sen . Orrin Hatch on CBO's estimates, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and more

  6. Senator Hatch

    Key Senate Judiciary Committee member previews day 2 of Sotomayor hearings

  7. Health Care 'Holy War'

    Sen . Orrin Hatch expects the a fever-pitched health care bill debate in Congress

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