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Oregon Senate Race

Democratic challenger Jeff Merkley hopes to ride Obama's coattails to an upset of incumbent Republican Senator Gordon Smith

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  1. Dr. Death?

    Oregon's government-run health plan won't cover some treatments for ill patients, but will pay for assisted suicide

  2. Naked Truth?

    Oregon woman claims cops are OK with her walking around nude

  3. Ironic Twist in Law to Protect Farmers

    Oregon law prohibits food giant from selling some of its surplus land to pay its bills

  4. Red Tape Keeps Veterans Homeless

    Vets not getting proper housing assistance in Oregon

  5. Beaver State Health Care

    Oregon resident says state system is a disaster

  6. 'Great Trip'

    Oregon man flies over 200 miles in balloon-rigged lawn chair

  7. Bad Policy?

    Oregon's government health plan won't pay for cancer patient's drug treatment but will cover doctor-assisted suicide

  8. My Beautiful Balloon

    Lawn chair pilot flies from Oregon to Idaho

  9. Sir or Ma'am?

    Transgender mayor of Oregon town discusses clothing controversy

  10. Obama's Clean Energy Pledge Unrealistic?

    Oregon proves a poor example for supporters of renewable energy

  11. Across America

    Man scales NY Times building; bionic hand for man in Oregon

  12. Strange Illness Plagues Football Team

    19 members of Oregon high school team contract muscle malady at preseason camp

  1. Across America: Massive Logjam in Oregon

    Crews work to clear jam in Sandy River

  2. Rockslide Closes Oregon Highway

    Traffic halted as crews work to secure rock wall

  3. Severe Flooding to Oregon Mountain Community

    Flooding damages homes, leaves dozens stranded

  4. Severe Flooding Threatens Oregon Homes

    Rising waters causes residents to pack up belongings

  5. HPV and Oral Cancers

    Headline Health discusses the strong link between HPV and oral cancers

  6. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  7. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition

    Gorillas run for charity in Denver

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