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One World Trade Center

Inside Look at 1 World Trade Center

What does it take to build America's tallest building?

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  1. Hourly Update

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  2. Controversy at Ground Zero

    Charles Wolf, who lost his wife in the World Trade Center attack, tells Alan why he supports the plan for an Islamic community center at Ground Zero

  3. Web Exclusive: Building 1 WTC

    Shepard Smith tours construction site with Chris Ward from NY/NJ Port Authority

  1. Rise of Freedom: Audio Tour of Ground Zero

    App lets visitors listen to witness accounts as they walk through 9/11 memorial

  2. 9/11 Press Coverage

    Have news media lost focus?

  3. Rise of Freedom: Concrete Run

    Getting concrete to Ground Zero is anything but a normal job

  4. Rise of Freedom

    Fox News takes you behind the fence of the 16-acre World Trade Center site

  5. America's Heroes: First Responders

    Police, firefighters remember colleagues on 9/11

  6. Can a Mosque Deal Be Made?

    Geraldo examines alternate real estate options for Islamic center

  7. Fox Report : The Rise of Freedom

    Thursday, 7p ET: Our Fox Report special series continues as Shepard Smith gives you a firsthand look into the Freedom Tower . Tune in to see the inner workings of the technological marvel.