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Olympia Snowe

Sen . Olympia Snowe

Washington state senator goes 'On the Record' on the struggle to achieve health care reform

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  1. Snowe Support?

    Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner on possibility of a Republican senator voting for Baucus bill

  2. Overhauling Health Care

    Did Senator Snowe abandon the GOP by voting for Baucus bill?

  3. Washington in Denial About Deficit?

    Rep. Ron Paul on debate over federal spending

  4. Analysis

    Dr. Larry Sabato on the SOTU

  5. Cracks in the Coalition

    Senate Democrats remain divided on key health care reform issues

  6. The Journal Editorial Report: 10/10

    Former McChrystal adviser on next step in Afghanistan

  7. Potential Pitfalls

    What key details have Democrats split on health care reform?

  8. Representatives to Return to the Hill During Summer Break

    Lawmakers to cast final vote on state aid bill

  9. Pain at the Pump

    Nebraska senator wants 'oil summit' to address soaring gas prices, supports more offshore drilling

  10. Ask the President

    Obama answers health care questions from audience in New Hampshire

  11. Fearful of Failure?

    Former Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr on Democrats' health care reform bill

  12. Scott Serota

    One-on-one with Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO

  1. White House Spin?

    RNC Chairman Michael Steele says Snowe's vote does not mean health care bill is 'bipartisan'

  2. 'I'm Disappointed'

    RNC Chairman Steele reacts to Senate Finance Committee health care bill

  3. Crucial Votes

    Some senators key to health care reform

  4. Bipartisanship's Split Personality

    What does bipartisanship really mean in the health care battle?

  5. Health Care Maneuvering

    Senate Finance Committee mulls vote but is public option still alive?

  6. 'Very Cautious'

    Senator Grassley says he doesn't believe Sen. Snowe will continue to support health care bill if it goes more left

  7. GVS Live Wire: 1/28

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Thursday's 'On the Record'

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