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Oklahoma Challenging 'Obamacare'

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin says her state will file its own lawsuit against Obama's health care reform law

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  1. Church May Lose Tax Exempt Status Over Pastor's Political Comment

    National watchdog group goes after Oklahoma church

  2. Loved Ones Say Goodbye to Local Heroes

    National Guardsmen deployed to Afghanistan

  3. Female First in Oklahoma

    The Sooner State to elect first female governor

  4. Oklahoma Outrage

    Disturbing new details surface in case of child rapist sentenced to one year in prison

  5. Oklahoma Quake Felt in Kansas

    Frightful awakening for several people

  6. No Sharia Law in Oklahoma ?

    Voters in state approved ballot measure banning judges from considering Sharia law when deciding cases in state court

  7. Miss Oklahoma on 'America Live'

    Miss USA runner-up discusses her answer about Arizona law that may have cost her the crown

  8. Suspicious Fire Puzzles Oklahoma Residents

    Arson suspected in mysterious fire

  9. Brush Fire Rages Along Oklahoma Railroad

    Fire causes hassle for residents

  10. 'Mass Overdose' at Oklahoma Junior High School

    Several students rushed to hospital after police suspected they overdosed on drugs

  11. Outrage Over Upside Down Flag in Oklahoma

    Neighbors call display 'disgrace of America'

  12. Exclusive: Miss Oklahoma Has 'No Regrets'

    Miss USA runner-up Morgan Woolard says she would answer Arizona immigration question same way

  1. CAIR Fights Back

    CAIR Oklahoma Executive Director Muneer Awad tells Alan why he’s suing to block a new measure banning Shariah law

  2. Cool Critters: Elephants Return to Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City Zoo to open $13 million facility, billed as largest elephant habitat in the U.S.

  3. Oklahoma Residents Reel After Quake

    Strong earthquake rocks Oklahoma

  4. Islamic Law Banned From Courtroom

    Council on American-Islamic Relations takes Oklahoma to court

  5. Sharia Ban Faces Lawsuit

    Council on American-Islamic Relations challenges Oklahoma State Question 755

  6. 'Money Bomb'?

    Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr looking for windfall from Ron Paul supporters

  7. Flu Outbreak Causes Alarm

    Over 100 students out sick at Oklahoma school

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