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Obama Budget

Rep. Becerra Defends Obama Budget , Part 2

Debate over $300 billion tax hike on businesses, rich gets heated

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  1. The One Thing: 2/1

    With a federal budget this big, is your freedom safe?

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    'Fox News Sunday' panel discusses new Congress

  3. Panel Plus

    'FOX News Sunday' panel discusses President Obama's economic plan

  4. Trying to Avoid a Greek Tragedy

    Rep. Paul Ryan on how U.S. can avoid a debt crisis like Greece

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    14-year-old political prodigy reacts to GOP leaders on Sunday shows

  1. Rep. Becerra Defends Obama Budget , Part 1

    Democratic congressman says plan will help drive down deficits, create jobs

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    White House budget chief on president's proposed $3.8 trillion budget

  3. Key Lawmakers on Budget Battle

    Sen. Durbin, Rep. Hensarling talk spending showdown

  4. Control Spending or Face 'Apocalyptic Pain'?

    Sen. Coburn says out-of-control debt could deal devastating blow to economy

  5. New Quake Warning System on West Coast?

    Would cost $50 million

  6. Plunging Popularity

    New polls reveal big problems for President Obama

  7. Domestic Revolt

    Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens weighs in on tea party phenomenon