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Ray Kelly

Safe at Home?

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on whether America's cities are prepared for Mumbai-style attack

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  1. Cashing In?

    Is increase in New York City bank robberies due to anemic economy or lax security?

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    Reality Check zeroes in on waterboarding and piano-playing dog

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    Citizens making our country a better place

  1. Over A Dozen Killed In NYC Bus Accident

    Bus flipped and was cut in half by sign

  2. Violations, Manslaughter Found in NYC Bus Driver's Past

    Driver identified in horrific bus accident has long history of traffic violations

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    Getting ready for the nation's biggest party, quite the task after monster blizzard that hit New York City

  4. 'Not Survivable'

    N.Y.C mayor delivers sad news in press conference regarding Hudson River collision

  5. Learning from Mumbai

    NYPD studying Mumbai to better protect NYC hotels

  6. Security Overhaul

    New York City taking new steps to protect hotels after attacks in India

  7. How Safe Is the Big Apple?

    NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on counterterrorism efforts after failed bomb plot