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North Dakota

Senate Facing High-Stakes Tax Battle

New evidence of weakening economy fuels fight over future of Bush-era tax cuts

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  1. Closer Look at Democrats' Senate Battle

    Vulnerable incumbents gearing up for rough fight

  2. Hits & Misses: Senators Stepping Down

    Lieberman, Conrad calling it quits

  3. GOP Looks to Turn Back Clock on Obamacare

    As Republicans launch health care overhaul repeal effort, Democrats push back with dire warnings

  4. Are Democrats Writing Off Reid?

    Karl Rove weighs in on tight Nevada race and future of Democratic leadership

  5. Sen. Durbin on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Key Democrat on working with Republican House

  6. Storm Chaser Catches Devastating Tornado on Camera

    Dramatic video shows twister tearing apart Minnesota farmhouse

  7. A Tax On Mileage?

    Jonathan Hoeing on possible new tax

  8. GOP Leading Key Senate Races

    Dick Morris breaks down avalanche of new midterm polling

  9. 'Reagan' E-mail Addresses for Conservatives

    Michael Reagan creates conservative e-mail service provider

  10. Sen. Dorgan: 'Find Best Ideas of Both Parties'

    Retiring Democrat on what his party needs to take from election results

  11. Education Aid to Good Use?

    States not facing cuts get money anyway?

  12. Steele: We Have a Better Plan

    RNC chairman makes the case for Republicans in the battle for Congress

  1. Jennifer Aniston: Women Don't Need Men to Have Kids

    'Culture Warriors' debate actress' controversial comments

  2. On The Job Hunt

    Oil boom spurs rush in West

  3. Beck: Yes I Can

    True freedom means taking responsibility for what is happening in your life

  4. Tornado Destroys Farmhouse

    Storm chaser on devastating twister

  5. The Journal Editorial Report: 1/22

    Tim Pawlenty talks 2012 run, GOP priorities

  6. Dangers of Cyber-Bullying

    Teen creates her own anti-bullying campaign

  7. Dems Split Over Permanent Middle Class Tax

    Extending tax cuts not on Harry Reid's 'priority' list

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