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North Carolina

Final Push

Barack Obama goes after red states on election eve

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  1. North Carolina Crime Lab Under Fire

    State analysts accused of helping prosecutors by intentionally omitting and falsifying evidence

  2. American History Is History in Class?

    North Carolina educators are considering a radical change in curriculum

  3. Shocking Affidavit

    Murdered North Carolina mom's husband admits he cheated on her

  4. East Coast Drenched After Heavy Rains

    Record-breaking rainfall in North Carolina

  5. Tragic Discovery

    Police find body of missing 5-year-old North Carolina girl

  6. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  7. After the Show Show: 10/27

    Get to know 'FOX & Friends' when they let their hair down

  8. Freestyle

    Mike from North Carolina performs his original rap song about calling into Alan's show

  9. Small Plane Crashes into Home

    Accident kills two people on board

  10. Next Step for Libya?

    Sen. Kay Hagan speaks out on U.S. mission over African nation

  11. Friend of American Murdered by Pirates Speaks Out

    Colleague describes Phyllis Mackay as a kind and hardworking person at the peak of her career

  12. Senate Rejects Two Spending Plans

    Budget outlines turned down as government shutdown looms again

  1. College-Bound?

    Group pays teens not to get pregnant

  2. Stimulus Funding Cocaine for Monkeys?

    GOP senators release list of 100 most wasteful spending projects

  3. Hoodlum Gene?

    Study finds genetic link to violence

  4. Tobacco Farms to Vineyards

    North Carolinians have long seen the demise of traditional tobacco farms, so some farmers have switched from tobacco to vineyards

  5. Property Owner Furious Over Eminent Domain

    It's Your Land: N . C . businessman fights to keep iconic auto repair shop

  6. Repair Shop Owner Railroaded Over Eminent Domain?

    Businessman may have to give up property

  7. Across America: 7/27

    Era of air patrol takes flight in California; Hell's Angels gather to remember slain leader

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