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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Platform

President Obama will discuss cash for clunkers program in the crucial election state

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  1. Across America: Tour Bus Crash in New Hampshire

    Bus flips over median, 5 people seriously injured

  2. Media Love Affair?

    Is McCain being ignored by an Obama-loving mainstream press? Former Bush adviser Mary Matalin and former Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson weigh in

  3. Policing the Press

    Bernie breaks down network news coverage of Obama's Middle East trip

  4. McCain Campaigns for Crucial Senate Seat

    New Hampshire race a must-win if GOP wants to reclaim Senate

  5. Democrats Wishing Death Upon Sarah Palin?

    Two New Hampshire politicians in hot water over comments made about former Alaska governor

  6. Keeping College Kids Out of the Voting Booth

    New Hampshire Republicans push for law to prevent many students from voting in state

  7. America's Oldest Family Farm Up for Sale

    New Hampshire family giving up land after 378 years and 11 generations

  8. Ticket to Nowhere?

    New Hampshire man announces run for phantom Congress seat

  9. Eyewitness Account

    Woman on the possible tornado that flattened dozens of homes in New Hampshire

  10. Live Free or Die

    Alan challenges anti-reform activist William Kostric for carrying a gun to President Obama's town hall meeting in New Hampshire .

  11. Sen. Gregg: 'This Is Fiscal Insanity'

    New Hampshire Republican blasts President Obama's budget proposal

  12. Across America

    Massive pileup in New Hampshire ; wedding bells ring at Illinois Taco Bell

  1. NH Man Guilty in Machete Attack

    Gets life in prison

  2. Town Hall or Campaign Stop?

    Doug Schoen on Obama's stop in NH !

  3. Sen. Gregg: 'This Country Is Headed For Fiscal Calamity'

    New Hampshire senator responds to CBO's latest report and assesses the government's spending

  4. Midterm Election Series-New Hampshire

    Kelly Ayotte discusses her campaign for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire

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  6. National Tea Party Bus Tour Kicks Off

    Tea Party changing political landscape for both parties

  7. Will Donald Trump Run for President?

    'The Donald' have what it take to be 'The Candidate'? A fair and balanced debate

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