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Midterm Election Series-Nevada Part I

Danny Tarkanian talks about his campaign for US Senate in Nevada

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  1. Nevada Voters on Early Voting

    Nevadans say voting today was simple and quick

  2. Across America: School Bus Crash in Las Vegas

    Car collides with bus loaded with students

  3. No Cookie Cutting Around High Gas Prices

    High gas prices increase delivery costs for Nevada cookie shop owner

  4. Reno In 5 visits 'the biggest little city in the world'

  5. Morris Analyzes Senate Loses

    Dick Morris on midterm results, what's next for GOP

  6. Tarkanian: 'I Am the Strong Conservative'

    Senate candidate on Tea Party influence on GOP Nevada primary

  7. Can Angle Take the Reins From Reid?

    Senate majority leader and GOP challenger deadlocked in Nevada race

  8. Man Behind Secret Angle Tapes

    Tea Party candidate in Nevada Senate race denies setting Sharron Angle up

  9. Obama Gambling with Words

    Governor of Nevada on president's anti-Vegas vernacular

  10. Sharron Angle Caught on Tape Blasting GOP, Touting Access

    Will audiotape help or hurt her campaign for Nevada Senate seat?

  11. From Juvie to State Assembly

    Lucy Flores overcame a troublesome childhood to become Nevada's first Latina member of the state legislature

  12. Stunning Result in Silver State Senate Race

    Harry Reid wins re-election in Nevada

  1. Early Voting Starts in Nevada

    Voters begin to cast their ballots in the Silver State

  2. Early Voting Starts in Nevada

    Voters begin to cast their ballots in the Silver State

  3. Mobsters Honored in Nevada Exhibit

    Mobsters Meyer Lansky and Vincent 'Jimmy Blue Eyes' Alo are among those recognized at a Las Vegas 'mob' exhibit and interactive tour

  4. Rallying Cries in Nevada

    Reid, Angle's last-minute attempts to scrape up a few more votes

  5. 'Could've Been A Lot Worse'

    O.J. Simpson's attorneys look at his fall from grace

  6. Headline Sharron Angel: Press 'Dangerous,' 'Outrageous'

    Nevada's Republican senate candidate responds to criticism that she's avoiding the press

  7. National Tea Party Bus Tour Kicks Off

    Tea Party changing political landscape for both parties

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