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Navy SEALs

Are American Soldiers Already on the Ground in Libya?

'The Factor' learns that U.S. troops, as well as French and British operatives, are in war-torn nation

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  1. Somali Pirates Turning to New Tactics?

    U.S. officials have serious concerns following murders of four Americans

  2. Weekly Hit List 02/23

    Investigating the four Americans killed off the coast of Somalia

  3. Somali Pirates in U.S. Court

    Suspects in murder of four Americans make first appearance

  4. Somalis Arrive at Fed Court

    Accused of killing 4 Americans

  5. Somali Pirates Hijack American Yacht

    Friend of kidnapped Seattle couple speaks out about ordeal

  6. Couple Killed by Pirates 'Wanted to Make a Difference'

    Church members say special prayer for lost friends

  7. No Hero's Welcome

    Lawyer for one Navy SEAL arraigned for alleged mistreatment of terror suspect speaks out

  8. Not Hailed as Heroes

    Navy SEALs charged with assault of detainee in Iraq

  9. 'Miscarriage of Justice'

    Rep. Dan Burton on Navy SEALs facing court-martial

  10. The One Thing: 11/24

    Time for Obama to get his priorities in order

  11. Perversion of Justice?

    Navy SEALs capture one of Iraq's most wanted terrorists and find themselves in court

  12. Congressional Candidate Is Internet Sensation

    Lt. Col. Allen West is running for Congress

  1. Political Grapevine: 12/15

    Congressional push to drop charges against three Navy SEALs

  2. TV Show Details Kidnapping Rescues

    New Discovery Channel series 'Kidnap & Rescue' tell the story of rescuers, kidnapping victims

  3. Target Terror

    U.S.: Strike kills Al Qaeda leader in Syria

  4. Unseen American Heroes

    Oliver North tells story on America's elite fighting forces

  5. Show of Support

    Rallying for Navy SEALs facing court-martial

  6. Military Outrage

    Anger growing after 3 Navy SEALS accused of abusing detainee

  7. 'International Show Trial'

    Attorney for one of the three Navy SEALs charged with roughing up Iraqi detainee defends client

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