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National Security

Safe at Home? Homeland Security Assessment

From energy dependence to WikiLeaks and Iran, Hart and Woolsey rate threats to homeland

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  1. Homeland Security Breach

    Sen. Collins reacts to GAO finding major security flaws in federal buildings

  2. Homeland Security Secretary Visits Israel

    Napolitano to discuss cyber and airline security

  3. Homeland Security Secretary Visits Israel

    Napolitano to discuss cyber and airline security

  4. King: 'I'm Going Ahead With the Hearings'

    New York congressman addresses criticism over investigation Muslim radicalization

  5. 20-Year-Old Mexican Police Chief Seeking Asylum?

    More civilians dead in Mexico than Afghanistan

  6. Homeland Security

    Is U.S. more secure today than day of 9/11 attacks?

  7. Homeland Security

    New task force monitors California port and containers

  8. Radical Islam or Islamophobia: Which Is on the Rise?

    Lawmakers clash over dealing with domestic terrorism

  9. Too Many Regulations?

    New Internet regulations latest of new government controls

  10. 'It's a Badge of Honor to Be Attacked by CAIR'

    Rep. King responds to criticism over Islamic radicalization hearings

  11. Joe Lieberman Is Calling It Quits

    Senator explains retirement decision

  12. Bill Introduced to Deal with Gitmo Detainees

    Proposal to prevent civilian trials in U.S.

  1. Obama, King Talk National Security

    Rep. poised to be chairman of House Homeland Security Committee on future of fight against terrorism

  2. Major National Security Team Announcement

    President Obama introduces new national security adviser

  3. Napolitano's Take

    Homeland security secretary on president's plan for Afghanistan

  4. 'Tough Pathway' to Citizenship

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on immigration reform

  5. Liz Cheney: 'Threat Has Not Diminished'

    Former deputy assistant secretary of state on importance of staying on top of national security

  6. Homeland Security Transparency Debate

    Congressional hearing on 'pattern of delays'

  7. Exclusive with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

    Napolitano visits Afghan/Pakistan border

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