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National Debt Commission

Key Lawmakers on Budget Battle

Sen. Durbin, Rep. Hensarling talk spending showdown

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  1. How Will New GOP Work With Obama ?

    President to face resurgent Republicans in 112th Congress

  2. America's Budget Under Obama

    'All-Star' panel weighs in on massive federal spending

  3. Reps. Issa, Ryan on 'FNS'

    Key GOP lawmakers on dealing with Obama administration

  4. Primetime Lineup

    Thursday, Starting at 9p ET: The co-chairs of Obama ’s deficit commission reveal their controversial solution. Catch that and much more on our primetime lineup!

  5. Sen. Durbin on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Key Democrat on working with Republican House

  6. Special Report Online: 3/16

    Is Charles Krauthammer getting 'squishy'?

  7. Special Report Online: 2/16

    Budget deadlines coming fast and furious

  8. Dealing with the Deficit

    Funding entitlements becomes a problem

  9. Qaddafi's Forces Try to Get Upper Hand in Capital

    Loyalists trade fire with rebels as Libyan leader attempts to gain momentum

  10. Uncut: Lori Montgomery 'On the Record'

    Washington Post reporter and Greta discuss how the U.S. accumulated more than $14 trillion in debt

  11. President Lays Out New Budget

    How would proposed plan create jobs and reduce deficit?

  12. Health Care Numbers Don't Add Up

    Lawmakers clash over interpretation of Obamacare

  1. Obama to Sidestep Deficit Commission Recommendations?

    President's State of the Union unlikely to embrace debt reduction advice

  2. Crunching the Federal Numbers

    How large is America's deficit?

  3. Closer Look at Obama's Spending Spree

    President's budget to dwarf FDR's Depression-era spending

  4. 'Opportunistic' GOP Criticism of Obama's Budget?

    Are Republicans critical of Obama for not heeding deficit commission's advice being hypocritical?

  5. Obama's 'Missed Opportunity' at State of the Union

    Karl Rove breaks down president's speech, responses

  6. Rep. Becerra Defends Obama Budget, Part 1

    Democratic congressman says plan will help drive down deficits, create jobs

  7. Karl Rove on Pres. Obama's Speech

    Says this was a missed opportunity

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