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Monica Lewinsky

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A look at sex scandals and how politicians handle them

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  1. Resume Conflict

    Did Richard Blumenthal mispeak or mislead Connecticut voters?

  2. Here Comes the Lawsuit

    Bride sues guest for 'ruining' wedding

  3. Another Terrorist Tie?

    'Hannity' investigates an Obama staffer's connection to an accused murder

  4. Talking Points: 6/25

    Celebrating the destruction of others

  5. O'Reilly Previews His Obama Interview

    'Factor' host gives sneak peek of his Super Bowl sit-down with the president

  6. Blago Speaks!

    Have the media been fair to Gov. Blagojevich?

  7. Right Thing, Wrong Reason

    Supreme Court to hear case on 'honest services' law

  8. 'Let's stay on the phone all night'

    Pt 1: Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) tells Gibson to not count Hillary out of the race

  9. Culture of Corruption?

    Democrats and the president-elect scramble to distance themselves from big scandals

  10. Church and State

    Pastors challenging law barring political speech in church

  11. Special Edition

    Web-Exclusive Show! News Watchers weigh in on Sanford; Obama; Michael Jackson

  12. Standing by Sanford?

    Chairwoman of South Carolina Republican Party reacts to governor's admitted extramarital affair

  1. Thank You, Brit

    A look back at Brit Hume's stewardship of 'Special Report'

  2. 'Late Show' Extortion

    Who'll have the last laugh in Letterman scandal?

  3. Unethical Treatment

    Geraldo Rivera and panel on often abusive relationships between doctors and celebrities

  4. FOX Flashback #17

    Hitler consolidates power, Korean War ends, Olympic Park bombing, Linda Tripp charged, bomber crashes into Empire State Bldg, a royal wedding

  5. The One Thing: 11/23

    You can't count on Washington to wake up

  6. No Star Panel

    Panel discusses Sanford affair, Michael Jackson's dad, Honduras coup

  7. Media Reaction to Obama Mosque Uproar

    Bernie Goldberg on press coverage of president's controversial comments

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