Mitch McConnell

No Room for Compromise?

Sen . Mitch McConnell says raising taxes in a recession is the 'worst thing you could possibly do'

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  1. Quake Blow to Future of U.S. Nuclear Power?

    Sen . Mitch McConnell responds

  2. 'Terrible Idea' to Raise Taxes During a Recession

    Sen . Mitch McConnell sounds off the heated debate over whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts and his meeting with Pres. Obama

  3. GOP Comes Out Swinging

    Stage set for repeal of president's health care overhaul

  4. Net Neutrality Battle

    Are proposed FCC rules for the Internet in public's best interest?

  5. Senate Republicans Vow to Fight Obama Tax Plan

    Sen. McConnell says no to partial Bush tax cut extension

  6. Tax Tussle

    All-Star panel sorts out the back-and-forth over tax cuts

  7. Huckabee: Height of Political Correctness

    Who is trying to sanitize our language?

  8. Impact of Elections on Obama's Agenda

    How will midterms affect president's ability to govern?

  9. Freshmen Senator Returns From Afghanistan

    Sen. Pat Toomey firsthand account

  10. Tax Cuts: All or Nothing?

    Former Sen. D'Amato accuses President Obama of playing 'political theater'

  11. What Does the Future Hold for Iraq?

    All-Star panel on outlook for region after U.S. troops leave

  12. Unemployment Numbers Add Fuel to GOP Fire

    Disappointing report further energizes Republicans

  1. Sen . Mitch McConnell on 'FNS'

    Senate minority leader on Afghanistan, health care

  2. Sen. McConnell on 'FNS'

    Senate minority leader on health care reform battle

  3. Unstimulating Conversation

    Talks of second stimulus plan stir outrage as states misuse funds

  4. Mitch McConnell

    Senate minority leader reacts to Obama blasting GOP for running up deficit

  5. Mitch McConnell on State of the Union

    Senate minority leader calls Obama's address 'unduly partisan and in your face'

  6. Mitch McConnell on Gov't Spending

    Senate minority leader comments on debt limit increase barely passing in House

  7. Time Running Out?

    What's next for the House after the Senate votes on rescue bill? Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert weighs in

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