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Tight Race in Minnesota

One final debate in heated gubernatorial race

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  1. After the Show Show: Identifying Landmarks

    Must-see spot on Long Island

  2. Minnesota Recount

    Canvassing Board returns a verdict, but is Franken-Coleman race still in doubt?

  3. Blizzard Pounds Minnesota

    Residents battle hazardous conditions

  4. After the Show Show: 1/15

    Get to know 'FOX & Friends' when they let their hair down

  5. Across America: School Bus Crash in Las Vegas

    Car collides with bus loaded with students

  6. Rally of the Faithful

    GOP all-stars pull no punches while campaigning

  7. Across America: Big Drug Bust in Florida

    Coast Guard crew seizes $48 million of cocaine

  8. Retirees Losing Health Care Plan ... Because of 'Obamacare'?

    3M, makers of Post-it Notes and Scotch tape, will stop offering some retirees its company-sponsored plan because of the new r5eform law

  9. Sabato's Crystal Ball

    Director of UVA Center for Politics projects numbers for presidential, Senate and House races

  10. Decision Day

    Former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on anxiety of Election Day

  11. Controversy Brewing

    Some bars in St. Paul may stay open later during the GOP convention but can bar owners afford it?

  12. Across America

    Cleveland researchers investigate Nintendo's Wii workout

  1. 'Sure I Wanted to Win'

    Norm Coleman concedes to Al Franken in Minnesota Senate race

  2. Minnesota Ballot Battle

    Franken communications director: Coleman tried to 'disenfranchise lawful voters'

  3. Pawlenty: Ponzi on the Potomac

    Minnesota governor blasts Washington spending habits, nation's debt

  4. Vigil to Support Victims of Bullying in Minnesota

    Minnesota residents hold rally to support victims of bullying

  5. Politics as Usual?

    Barack Obama promises 'change,' but is he the reformer he claims to be?

  6. Rain-Swollen River Continues to Rise in Minnesota

    Heavy storms in the North Star State force bridge, highway closures

  7. Running Scared?

    Another politician accused of voter fraud

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