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'Economic and Environmental Tragedy'

Obama comments on response to BP oil leak, future of offshore drilling

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  1. Who's at Fault for Oil Spill?

    President Obama grows increasingly frustrated with continuing environmental disaster

  1. Obama: 'The System Failed'

    Pres. Obama on BP oil spill

  2. White House Cuts the Middle Man

    Obama administration bypassing traditional media to spread message

  3. Alaska Arctic Drilling

    Concerns that oil exploration in the northern waters could destroy some Eskimos' way of life if there is a spill

  4. Obama: Stop the Fingerpointing

    President makes statement on BP oil spill

  5. In the Hot Seat Over Oil Spill

    Senators demand answers from administration over Gulf disaster

  6. Uncertainty About Oil Spill Size

    Officials admit they don't know how much oil is pumping into Gulf daily

  7. Timeline of Disaster

    Senators challenge Obama administration's actions before and after the Gulf oil spill