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Michael Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg on 'Fox & Friends'

New York City mayor marks 9/11 anniversary, addresses mosque controversy

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  1. Red Eye on Smoking Ban

    With new ban, where exactly can one light up?

  2. Union Workers Admit Snow Sabotage?

    New York lawmaker claims union supervisors dragged out snow clean-up

  3. 'Special Report' Panel: 1/28

    What we didn't hear during President Obama's State of the Union address

  4. Global Fight

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pumping millions into worldwide anti-smoking campaign

  5. The Journal Editoral Report: 1/30

    Will the president's policies help put Americans back to work?

  6. Terror on Trial

    As opposition grows, Obama weighs alternatives to holding 9/11 trials in NYC

  7. Do Ads Against 'Ground Zero Mosque' Go Too Far?

    New York City bus ads draw fire for 9/11 depictions

  8. Administration's 9/11 Problem Worsens

    Efforts to block congressional funding for Sept. 11 criminal proceedings in U.S. courts

  9. American Muslim Leader on Plan for Mosque Near Ground Zero

    Group says President Obama is wrong on mosque issue

  10. Are We a 'Nation of Wusses'?

    Gov. Ed Rendell slams decision to postpone Eagles-Vikings game due to snow

  11. GOP Criticizes Terror Suspect Handling

    Republican lawmakers says White House had wrong approach to Christmas Day bomber suspect

  12. Winter Weather Chaos

    Mother Nature unleashes snow, rain and mudslides

  1. Swine Flu Presser

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg addresses swine flu outbreak in NYC

  2. College Student Faces Hate Crime Charges

    NYC Mayor Bloomberg to meet slashed Muslim taxi driver

  3. Slashed Cabbie to Meet NYC Mayor

    Muslim cab driver recovering from attack

  4. Religion and Politics Mix at Ground Zero

    American Center for Law and Justice filing legal challenge to planned mosque

  5. Showing Support

    NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg responds to Israeli-Gaza conflict

  6. Bloomberg Questions Motives of Mosque Opponents

    New York City mayor claims uproar is due to election season

  7. Geraldine Ferraro Laid to Rest

    Political heavyweights pay last respects at funeral

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