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Max Baucus

Common Sense: 6/22

Senator Baucus won't do my show, but I still admire him

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  1. First Hurdle Passed

    What's next for the Baucus bill now that the Senate Finance Committee gave it the thumbs up?

  2. Critics Question Health Care Overhaul Costs

    Medicare actuary disputes White House numbers on health care costs

  3. GOP: Dems Playing Dirty Politics With IRS

    Sen. Hatch claims Democrats abusing non-partisan federal agency

  4. Why Did Bush Tax Cuts Expire?

    Karl Rove says GOP had to impose time restrictions to gain Democratic votes in Congress

  5. 'They Can't Do That'

    Senator Saxby Chambliss is opposed to fining families for being uninsured

  6. Change in Direction?

    Is the administration taking public option off the table?

  7. Hannity's America: 10/12

    Obama administration downplays Afghanistan threat

  8. Climbing Cost?

    Sen. Barrasso reacts to new health care reform bill audit

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  10. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from Fox News Channel

  11. John Boehner on Bipartisanship Efforts

    House minority leader speaks after President Obama's Remarks

  12. 'You're Gonna Die Sooner'

    Sen. Tom Coburn believes health care bill will kill what's good about American system

  1. Breaking the Bank?

    Did Democrats lowball price tag of health care reform?

  2. Taken to Task

    President Obama faces tough questions on town hall tour

  3. Obama's Reform Agenda

    White House quietly pushing for government-run health insurance

  4. Already Dead?

    Did something else kill health care reform that's not the CBO? Senator John Cornyn weighs in

  5. Strategy Room News Break

    Senate debates health care reform; while California prepares for possible mudslides

  6. Cost of Reform

    Talk of taxing health care benefits threatens to alienate powerful Democratic constituency

  7. Obama's New War

    White House shifts focus from Al Qaeda to Gen. McChrystal

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