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Massachusetts Health Care

What Lies Ahead?

Lessons learned from Massachusetts' health care plan

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  1. Can Health Care Bill Be Revived?

    Doctors debate future and value of health care reform

  2. Romney vs. Obama

    Massachusetts governor has reformed health care in his own state and is critical of the president's nationwide plans

  3. 'The Senate Doctors Show'

    Sens. John Barrasso and Tom Coburn have a unique perspective on the health care bill

  4. Tim Pawlenty on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Former Minnesota governor talks 2012 GOP presidential politics

  5. Democrats to Challenge GOP Health Care Repeal Efforts

    CBO report says repeal will cost $143 billion

  6. Final Push?

    Ailing Senator Ted Kennedy tries to circumvent rules about filling his Senate seat. Find out how this plays into health care fight

  7. Bridging the Divide

    Time's Joe Klein on the apparent disconnect between Obama and the public and the $3.8 trillion budget

  8. Huckabee: 'Politics Is Played Like Baseball'

    Former Arkansas governor on judge's ruling on Wisconsin union law

  9. The One Thing: 8/11

    The horror of eugenics happened; what can we learn from that mistake?

  10. Mitt Romney on Health Care

    Fmr. GOP presidential candidate on new Democratic push to keep reform alive

  11. Future of Health Care Reform

    Rep. Anthony Weiner says Obama needs to be 'much firmer' about what he wants in bill

  12. Sen. Olympia Snowe

    Washington state senator goes 'On the Record' on the struggle to achieve health care reform

  1. Health Care and the 2012 Election

    Political impact of Obamacare on presidential race

  2. Interference

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend tells Alan why she believes the Catholic bishops are interfering with health care reform

  3. Health Care Reform

    Closest thing to universal U.S. coverage is in Massachusetts but there have been some unexpected glitches

  4. Possible Republican Candidates Test Water in Iowa

    Six potential contenders head to the Hawkeye State

  5. Tight Race Shaping Up in Massachusetts

    Charlie Baker campaigns for governor of Massachusetts

  6. Massachusetts in Play for GOP?

    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on fight for Barney Frank’s seat

  7. Health Care Debate Heats Up

    Reform bill put back to the test

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