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Mary Landrieu

Bi-Partisan Energy Plan?

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu not signing GOP bill to boost drilling in the U.S.

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  1. More Cheerleading?

    What can we expect from press coverage of health care debate?

  2. Cracks in the Coalition

    Senate Democrats remain divided on key health care reform issues

  3. Deaf Ears

    Is Congress ignoring American public's opposition to health care reform?

  4. Walking a Tightrope

    Senate Democrats try to balance political agendas for health care reform with reality of needing 60 votes to keep bill alive

  5. Congressional Candidate Is Internet Sensation

    Lt. Col. Allen West is running for Congress

  6. One-Party Rule?

    GOP leaders warn against Democratic supermajority

  7. Uphill Battle

    Democrats face another round of compromise over key health care reform issues

  8. Deepwater Drilling Moratorium Lifted in Gulf

    Companies must adhere to added regulations before going back to work

  9. Hitting Obamacare Where It Hurts Most

    Republicans eye defunding health care overhaul

  10. Inconsistent?

    Bob Shrum on Franken and Burris!

  11. Congressional Candidate Is Internet Sensation

    Lt. Col. Allen West is running for Congress

  12. Imus on 'Hannity,' Part 3

    Don Imus and Charles McCord on President Obama's policies

  1. The One Thing: 11/23

    You can't count on Washington to wake up

  2. Use Your Head: 8/10

    Lawmaker seeks to ban creation of 'human-animal hybrids'

  3. The Way Forward for Health Care

    Rep. Pallone says drumming up GOP support is next step in pushing reform

  4. Biloxi's Road to Recovery

    Five years after Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Coast still rebuilding

  5. The Road Ahead

    Democrats prepare for tougher battle after victory in first crucial vote on health care bill

  6. Political Grapevine: 6/17

    Obama under fire again from members of his own party

  7. Louisiana Purchase

    Senate health care concessions spark accusations of payoffs

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