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Wednesday, 4p ET: As America's government is sworn into service Neil interviews Ron and Rand Paul plus Senator Mark Warner . Cavuto's live from the Capitol!

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  1. Cream of the Crop?

    Is there truth behind the swelling rumors that Gov. Tim Kaine has topped Obama's VP list? 'The Live Desk' panel weighs in

  2. A Slave to Rhetoric

    Sen. Reid stirs outrage with comments as health care debate heats up

  3. Final Countdown

    Kate Obenshain and Bob Beckel debate all the angles leading up to Nov. 4

  1. Sens. Warner, Chambliss on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Key lawmakers talk deficit reduction

  2. This Week On Fox News Sunday: 03/13/11

    The fallout from the Japan quake

  3. Dealing with the Deficit

    Funding entitlements becomes a problem

  4. Qaddafi's Forces Try to Get Upper Hand in Capital

    Loyalists trade fire with rebels as Libyan leader attempts to gain momentum

  5. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less

  6. Major Upset?

    Panel weighs in Election Day surprises that could occur

  7. Your World

    Wednesday, 4p ETL Neil interviews Ron and Rand Paul, Mark Warner and Henry Cuellar! Plus Governor Haley Barbour stops by!