Marco Rubio

Exclusive: Marco Rubio on 'Hannity'

Florida senator on his new job in D.C., greatest challenge facing the U.S.

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  1. Fears Mount Over National Debt Crisis

    Sen. DeMint on whether parties are ready to tackle deficit problem

  2. Anti-Tea Party E-mail Flap

    Florida school official urges people to vote against Tea Party candidates

  3. Exit Poll: Tea Party Influence

    What role did grassroots movement play?

  4. Will Tea Party Winners Play Nice in Congress?

    Can grassroots movement govern?

  5. Look Back at Tea Party in 2010

    How voter anger led to action in historic midterm election

  6. Tea Party Expectations Moving Forward

    How will new class of lawmakers influence agenda in Washington?

  7. Tea Party Favorite Takes Sunshine State's Senate Race

    Republican Marco Rubio wins Florida Senate seat

  8. The Hill Report: Turmoil in Japan

    U.S. response to Japan’s nuclear emergency

  9. GOP Split Over Spending Showdown?

    Sen. Lamar Alexander weighs in

  10. What’s Next for the U.S. in the Middle East?

    Why aid Libya and not other oppressive countries?

  11. U.S. Showing Weakness in Face of Crisis in Libya?

    Nile Gardiner sounds off

  12. Getting Tough on Libya: Too Little Too Late?

    U.N. resolution against Qaddafi air attacks

  1. New Concerns About Tea Party in D.C.

    Sen . Marco Rubio not sold on Senate Tea Party Caucus

  2. Final Push: Marco Rubio

    GOP Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite makes case for election

  3. Marco Rubio on why U.S. Needs to Cut Spending

    Florida senator on his push to reform entitlement programs, passing a budget

  4. Rubio Responds to New Job Numbers

    Freshman senator sounds off

  5. This Week On Fox News Sunday: 04/03/11

    Congressman Paul Ryan

  6. Did Tea Party cost GOP the Senate?

    Marketing expert explains why the Tea Party cost GOP the Senate

  7. United by Tea Party Convention?

    'All-Star' panel on whether disparate groups will come together for national tea party event

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