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Obama touts slight unemployment dip but will strategy create jobs?

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  1. 'Phoned It In'

    John McCain attacks Barack Obama's response to financial crisis

  2. Fair and Balanced?

    How will moderator Gwen Ifill's upcoming Obama book influence the VP debate?

  3. Final Push

    'The Live Desk' breaks down the themes in Obama's 'closing argument' speech

  4. Unsupported Plan?

    Opposition to Obama's program to ease unemployment epidemic

  5. Rating the Debate

    Obama and McCain camps react to their candidates' performances at the vice presidential showdown

  6. Numbers Game?

    President Obama touts positive economic news

  7. Presidential Partnership

    Will the smooth White House transition help Republicans warm up to Obama's policies?

  8. Playing the Numbers Game

    Sen. McCain breaks down the fruits of the stimulus program and stats on deportation and Arizona's crime rate Obama supporters may tout

  9. Leftover Funds

    Obama says $700 billion bailout package cheaper than expected

  10. Presidential Push

    Obama to encourage small banks to increase lending to small businesses

  11. 'Let's Do What's Right'

    Obama addresses Senate ahead of rescue bill vote

  12. Stay the Course

    Barack Obama wants to go ahead with scheduled presidential debate despite McCain's call for delay

  1. Protecting Main Street

    Spokesperson on McCain's goals for economy

  2. Obama's 'New Deal'

    President-elect Obama's plan to create 2.5 million jobs by 2011

  3. Will Dems Pay for Obama's Mosque Support?

    RNC Chairman Michael Steele weighs in on president's backing of Islamic center near Ground Zero

  4. What GOP Wants From Obama's Address

    Congresswoman Blackburn weighs in on what the president needs to say in his State of the Union address

  5. Obama's Agenda?

    Which topics will top the State of the Union address?

  6. Sticking to the Plan

    Obama campaign manager confident Friday's presidential debate will proceed as scheduled

  7. Change Needed?

    Obama blaming McCain-backed policies for current crisis

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