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Lisa Murkowski

Write-In Campaign Appears Right-On

Sen . Lisa Murkowski reflects on success of write-in campaign, her status as a Republican

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  1. Alaska Senate Race Flooded With New Candidates

    56 people register to run as write-in candidates in attempt to sink Lisa Murkowski

  2. 'Electioneering' in Alaska?

    Radio host loses job after urging Alaskans to register as write-in candidates

  3. Gaining Some Ground?

    Dem candidate Scott McAdams reflects on Alaska's Senate race

  4. Lisa Murkowski's Host of Challenges

    Alaska GOP senator battling old allies, Democrats, the Tea Party and even the alphabet

  5. Alaska Unpredictable to the End

    Volatile 3-way Senate race too close to call

  6. Alaska Senate Race Gets Ugly

    Incumbent Lisa Murkowski warns television and radio not run Tea Party ads

  7. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  8. Alaska Unknown Shocks Political World

    Newcomer takes GOP Senate primary into overtime

  9. Florida, Arizona Primary Preview

    Newcomer Marco Rubio and Washington fixture John McCain in heated Senate races

  10. Political Shocker

    Alaska Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, Karl Rove and Mike Huckabee analyze Palin's resignation

  11. Joe Miller Waiting for Result

    GOP nominee trailing 'write-in' in race for Alaska Senate race

  12. GOP Primaries to Test Tea Party

    Karl Rove on how incumbents in Arizona, Alaska and Florida will fare against grassroots candidates

  1. Going Rogue? Republican Lawmaker Sides With Obama

    Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski votes for biggest items on president's lame-duck wish list

  2. On the Campaign Trail: Scott McAdams

    Democratic Senate hopeful makes pitch to Alaska voters, discusses chances of victory in November

  3. Road to Midterms: Joe Miller

    Tea Party favorite reflects on challenges of the final campaign stretch to November elections, rival Murkowski's write-in campaign and more

  4. All Aboard the Fire Pelosi Tour

    RNC Chair Michael Steele gives his take on the state of the midterm elections

  5. Going to Extreme to Keep Their Jobs

    How does Sen. Murkowski justify her write-in campaign?

  6. Joe Miller on Tightening Senate Race in Alaska

    Tea Party favorite faces challenge from write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski

  7. Uncut: Rep. Michele Bachmann

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on why she's considering running for president in 2012 and sexist double standards in politics

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