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Beyond the Palin Factor -- Did Energy Issues Help Sink Senator Lisa Murkowski ?

Joe Miller has held onto his narrow lead and Sen. Lisa Murkowski has graciously conceded in a surprising Alaska Senate primary. While many people are focusing on other story lines, Alaska is one of our biggest energy states and Murkowski’s support for energy taxes may be one of the major reasons Joe Miller was able to pull off this remarkable upset.Elections are always a combination of lots of factors, and the most significant was likely Sarah Palin ’s support, about which Miller said : “I'm absolutely certain that was pivotal.” But an endorsement, even a powerful and high—profile one, would not normally be enough to topple an incumbent senator in Murkowski's position.Especially because Alaska is an energy state.Lisa Murkowski was in line to chair the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee if Republicans gain control of the Senate. She is currently the ranking member, as powerful a position on energy issues as possible in the minority party. Her seniority and position on that pa...

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  1. US Sen . Lisa Murkowski concedes Alaska primary race to Joe Miller

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