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A look at sex scandals and how politicians handle them

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  1. ACORN Overload?

    Do people care about the corrupt community organizing group?

  2. Media Blackout?

    Is the mainstream press ignoring the report of John Edwards' late-night hotel visit? 'Hannity & Colmes' face off

  3. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy fact checks the show

  4. Dumb & Dumber

    Dennis Miller sounds off on his top 10 pinheads of the year

  5. Conflict of Interest?

    Rep. Barney Frank romanced Fannie Mae executive. Should that matter?

  6. Friendly Neighborhood President

    Barack Obama to appear in 'Spider-Man' comic book

  7. After the Show Show: 6/24

    'Special Report' panel on ABC News' health care special, Iran, and Gov. Sanford's affair

  1. Pardon Me

    A look at political figures who have applied for presidential pardons from President Bush

  2. It’s the Free-for-All!

    Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Karger, comedian Jim Mendrinos, and Sally Kohn of Movement Vision Lab join Alan to debate today’s issues.

  3. Edwards Sex Scandal

    Why have so many in the media ignored reports of Edwards' alleged mistress and love child?

  4. 'This is Brutal'

    Panel hilariously struggles to talk law on anniversary show

  5. World Net Daily Dumps Coulter

    Columnist's keynote address at upcoming conference canceled

  6. 'Myth of Moral Superiority'

    Paul Begala sounds off on Republican Party

  7. Affair With Aide Sinks Congressman

    Indiana Rep. Mark Souder to resign amid affair allegations