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Kit Bond

Must-Win Race for GOP

Republicans hoping to retain retiring Missouri Senator Kit Bond's seat

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  1. Intelligence Leaked on Abdulmutallab

    Senator Specter on controversy brewing over information disclosed about terror suspect

  2. Woman Calls 911 Looking for a Date

    And gets thrown in jail for 5 days

  3. Dialing 911 for a Date

    Woman facing charges after allegedly calling 911 looking for love

  4. GOP Presses White House on Gitmo

    Two senior Republicans question what role politics played in policy on releasing terror suspects

  5. Intelligence Nominee Passes Major Hurdle

    Sen. McCain lifts hold on director's nomination

  1. White House Fighting Terror Criticism

    Obama administration countering attacks on treatment of Christmas Day bombing suspect

  2. U.S. Intel 'Needs to Have Handcuffs Off'

    Sen. Kit Bond says Obama administration's terror policies have made America less safe

  3. Hit or Miss?

    McCain supporter Sen. Kit Bond weighs in on VP debate performances

  4. Fallout From Leak of Secret Military Reports

    Sen. Kit Bond reacts to leak of secret military reports

  5. Bond, Kit Bond

    Senator Bond on terror

  6. 'Being Made a Scapegoat'

    Sen. Kit Bond says Intel Director Blair 'does not deserve to be fired'

  7. Primary Day in the Midwest

    Several states are going to the polls today to decide nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties