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Kirsten Gillibrand

State of the Union 'Prom King'

Sen. John Thune responds to joke on bipartisan speech 'date' with Democratic Sen . Kirsten Gillibrand , takes on Obama's address

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  1. Sens. Kyl, Durbin on 'FNS'

    Key senators talk 'don't ask, don't tell,' START

  2. Importance of Upcoming Election

    Political panel discusses New York and Florida races

  3. Controversy over Location of 9/11 Trials

    Megyn Kelly interviews Rep. Weiner about what he calls 'hysteria' over having terrorist trials in NYC

  4. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  5. Are Senate Appointees the New Game Changers?

    Political placeholders potentially wielding significant amount of power

  6. Bill Penned to Stop NYC Terror Trials

    New York Congressman Peter King on why trials must be stopped

  7. Terror Trial Venue Change?

    Karl Rove on White House considering moving 9/11 trial out of NYC

  8. What People Want

    Hank Sheinkopf talks politics

  9. Lame Duck Tackles START, 9/11 Bill

    Congress takes on START treaty, first responders bill

  1. Deadly Accident Sparks Crackdown on Tour Bus Companies

    Problems with driver qualifications and safety violations may be widespread

  2. Victory for First Responders

    President signs bill to provide financial aid to Ground Zero first responders

  3. Hurdles Facing Adoptive Parents of Haitian Orphans

    Red tape keeps parents from breathing easy

  4. Help for Haitian Orphans

    Help for Haiti Act of 2010 will speed up stalled adoptions

  5. 'Special Report' Panel: 1/28

    What we didn't hear during President Obama's State of the Union address

  6. In The Middle!

    John Avlon talks politics!

  7. Blue States in Danger of Turning Red

    Midterm races once considered safe for Democrats now in play for Republicans