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Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Death Penalty Plea?

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and other 9/11 suspects ask to confess in Gitmo

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  1. Community Group Wants 9/11 Trials Moved

    New York City's Community Board 1 'very gratified' White House will likely relocate terror trials

  2. Bill Introduced to Cut 9/11 Trial Funding

    Bill originator Sen. Frank Wolf on why terrorists should not be tried as civilians

  3. Postponing Pleas

    Unusual turn of events in military trial of alleged mastermind behind 9/11 attacks and four of his alleged co-conspirators

  4. Big in Japan

    President Obama comments on 9/11 trials, Afghanistan strategy

  5. Show Trial?

    Lawyer: 9/11 suspects will plead not guilty to attack U.S. policies in court

  6. Obama Reverses Himself on Gitmo

    9/11 family member reacts

  7. Military Trials to Resume at Guantanamo Bay

    Panel on president's decision on Gitmo

  8. Test for Trying Accused Terrorists

    Civilian trial begins for Gitmo detainee charged in 1998 U.S. embassy bombings

  9. Cutting Off the Funds

    Sen. Lindsey Graham introduces bill to cut off funds for civilian trial for 9/11 terrorists

  10. White House Infighting?

    Report: 9/11 trial decision put Emanuel and Holder at odds

  11. 'Makes No Sense'

    Sen. Sessions says trying 9/11 suspects in U.S. will 'create a lot of complications'

  12. Graham Warns of 'Criminalizing' Terrorism

    Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks White House terror policy could 'bring whole administration down'

  1. When Will 9/11 Mastermind Face Justice?

    Military preps for first Gitmo tribunal under Obama administration, but what about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ?

  2. 'Dark Day'

    Sister of 9/11 victim blasts decision to try confessed 9/11 mastermind in New York City

  3. Strategy Room Headlines

    Eric Holder press conference about 9/11 mastermind being tried in New York City

  4. Platform for Propaganda?

    What can be expected from trial of self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind ?

  5. Controversy over Location of 9/11 Trials

    Megyn Kelly interviews Rep. Weiner about what he calls 'hysteria' over having terrorist trials in NYC

  6. 9/11 Terror Trial Controversy

    Rep. Peter King weighs in on the trial's proposed location

  7. 9/11 Trials Moving Out of NYC?

    In the face of growing opposition, Obama administration considers alternative locations to try KSM and other suspected terrorists

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