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Kent Conrad

Republicans Lay Out Cuts Proposal

GOP seeks to reach 2008 spending levels

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  1. Standing Ovation for Political Theater?

    Panel on where health care stands

  2. Sen. McConnell on 'Fox News Sunday'

    McConnell talks State of the Union

  3. Hits & Misses: Senators Stepping Down

    Lieberman, Conrad calling it quits

  4. GOP Looks to Turn Back Clock on Obamacare

    As Republicans launch health care overhaul repeal effort, Democrats push back with dire warnings

  5. A Tax On Mileage?

    Jonathan Hoeing on possible new tax

  6. The Hill Report: ObamaCare

    Ongoing battle over health care law

  7. Sounding the Alarm on Ending Tax Cuts

    Fred Thompson explains how letting the Bush tax cuts expire would burden American families

  8. Senate Passes Bailout

    Congressional leaders hail Senate's passage of financial bailout bill

  9. Make or Break?

    How critical is government-run option to Democrats' health care battle?

  10. Identity Crisis

    Joe Biden traveling overseas as vice president-elect or senator?

  11. Backbone?

    Sen. Grassley on the Blue Dogs!

  12. United Front?

    Democrats at odds over government-run health care

  1. 'Right Direction'

    Sen. Conrad on health care debate on Capitol Hill

  2. Blue-Ribbon Panel

    'FOX News Sunday' gets straight answers on health care's critical questions

  3. Co-ops the Answer?

    Cooperatives pushed as alternative to government-run health care

  4. After the Show Show: 8/19

    Will the Dems go it alone on health care? Plus the latest on the climate bill and the White House's Web woes

  5. Final Push?

    Ailing Senator Ted Kennedy tries to circumvent rules about filling his Senate seat. Find out how this plays into health care fight

  6. Debate Over Health Care Repeal

    HHS secretary warns over pre-existing conditions

  7. The Journal Editorial Report: 1/22

    Tim Pawlenty talks 2012 run, GOP priorities

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