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Kendrick Meek

Dramatic Twist in Florida Senate Race

Democrat Kendrick Meek denies Bill Clinton urged him to quit

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    Rumor has it: Drew Barrymore has an awkward moment with Mark Wahlberg

  2. Countdown to November: Marco Rubio

    GOP Senate candidate previews Democratic primary, gives take on latest with rival Charlie Crist and more

  3. Sex, Lies and Videotape in Florida Senate Race

    Media in feeding frenzy over Democratic candidate's personal life

  4. Kendrick Meek Bows Out

    Democrat thanks supporters, acknowledges defeat in Florida Senate race

  5. Kendrick Meek : 'You Can Count On Me'

    Meek wins Democratic nomination for Florida's Senate seat

  6. Accusations, Denials in Sunshine State

    Did Bill Clinton encourage Kendrick Meek to quit Florida Senate race?

  7. White House Denies Involvement in Meek Flap

    Administration claims it did not ask Bill Clinton to pressure Kendrick Meek

  8. Ann Coulter on Predictions of GOP Blowout

    Conservative columnist reacts to new polls

  9. Pointing the Finger at Fox News

    The country is turning against Democrats and left-wing politicians are shifting the blame

  10. Senate Races Remain Unpredictable

    Polls tighten days before Election Day

  11. Closing Argument: Michael Steele

    Bret Baier sits down with the RNC chairman

  12. Final Presidential Push

    Obama preps for final weekend of campaigning while Florida Senate race generates intrigue

  1. Crist on Fla. Race's 'Clinton-Gate'

    Independent candidate addresses controversy over whether Bill Clinton tried to persuade Dem hopeful Meek to drop out and whether there was White House involvement

  2. Tea Party Favorite Takes Sunshine State's Senate Race

    Republican Marco Rubio wins Florida Senate seat

  3. Rep. Meek's Sunshine State Fight

    Democratic nominee for Florida Senate seat on economy's impact on midterm election

  4. Voters Line Up in Florida

    State Republicans expect landslide

  5. Florida, Arizona Primary Preview

    Newcomer Marco Rubio and Washington fixture John McCain in heated Senate races

  6. Marco Rubio Reacts to Florida Primary

    GOP hopeful weighs in on heated race for Senate seat

  7. National Urban League's Centennial Conference

    Gathering highlights achievements, problems, race relations

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