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Judge Vaughn Walker

Decision on Prop 8

Californians await federal court's ruling

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  1. Ted Olson on 'FNS'

    Conservative legal giant who argued winning side of Prop 8 decision looks ahead to battle that could reach the Supreme Court

  2. Reaction in California

    Groups on both sides of the debate are reacting to the latest developments with Proposition 8

  1. Same-Sex Marriages on Hold

    Federal appeals court rules homosexual couples must wait to wed until after Prop 8 appeal

  2. Judge Lifts Gay Marriage Stay

    Court allows same-sex marriages to resume before Prop 8 appeal

  3. Awaiting Decision on Prop 8 Ruling

    Federal Court in San Francisco is deciding whether to give go-ahead on same sex marriages in state

  4. Same-Sex Marriage in California

    Judge to decide on resumption of same-sex marriages

  5. Huge Victory for Gay Marriage Advocates

    California judge rules Proposition 8 is unconstitutional

  6. Prop 8 and the Press

    Examining the coverage of judge's decision to overturn gay marriage ban

  7. What Next for Prop 8 ?

    Judge overturns California's same-sex marriage ban