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Jon Kyl

Time for a Timetable?

How and when do we end the war in Iraq? Sen . Jon Kyl weighs in

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  1. Kyl 'Disappointed' With SB 1070 Ruling

    Arizona senator says he'll do everything he can to help state secure border

  2. Battle Over SB 1070 Far From Over?

    Both parties see political gain in ongoing illegal immigration fight

  3. Lou Dobbs on Report Deportation Cases Will Be Dropped

    ICE denies report feds are dropping deportation cases

  4. Sens. Kyl, Durbin on 'FNS'

    Key senators talk 'don't ask, don't tell,' START

  5. Sens. Schumer, Kyl on 'FNS'

    Senators describe what Congress wants as extended part of government bailout

  6. On the Record

    Tuesday, 10p ET: Is enough being slashed to dent our deficit? Jon Kyl has insight on Obama's budget plan!

  7. McCain on Obama and Libya Endgame

    Arizona senator on whether Obama waited to long to act on Qaddafi, the ultimate goal of the coalition strikes and more

  8. U.S. Agrees to Flawed Treaty?

    Christian Whiton on START Treaty between Russia and the United States

  9. Sen. McCain: 'Their Policies Have Been a Total Disaster'

    Sen. John McCain takes on Obama administration's rosy outlook on economy's recovery, makes a 'seismic' midterm prediction, addresses brutal violence in Mexico and the 'Palin effect.'

  10. Which Policy Works Best?

    There are differing opinions on how Arizona should handle its illegal immigration problems

  11. Playing the Numbers Game

    Sen. McCain breaks down the fruits of the stimulus program and stats on deportation and Arizona's crime rate Obama supporters may tout

  12. Sobering 'Birthright Citizenship' Numbers

    Study: 1 in 12 babies born in U.S. are offspring of illegal immigrants

  1. Pro-Bailout

    Arizona Senator Jon Kyl supported $700B bill and says McCain should get some credit for it

  2. Second Countdown to Shutdown?

    Sen . Jon Kyl on the Senate rejecting spending bills from both GOP and Dems, the possibility of government shutdown, and the deficit

  3. Failure to Lead on Hard Budget Choices?

    Sen . Jon Kyl takes on Pres. Obama's proposed budget plan, its criticism and the debt commission's recommendations

  4. Going Nuclear?

    Sen . Jon Kyl on whether Democrats will push health care reform through 'reconciliation'

  5. 9/11 First Responders Bill Passes

    Congress passes long awaited bill

  6. Republicans Fired Up Over Spending Showdown

    GOP leaders talk tough on budget cuts

  7. Syria's President Blames 'Conspiracy' for Protests

    President Assad refuses to apologize for violent crackdown

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