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John Thune

Sen . John Thune : Prepping for a 2012 White House Run?

South Dakota senator sparks rumors with travel schedule and proposal to cut government spending

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  1. State of the Union 'Prom King'

    Sen . John Thune responds to joke on bipartisan speech 'date' with Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, takes on Obama's address

  2. United for a 'New Era'

    Sen . John Thune and his 'Gang of 10' offer up bipartisan energy plan

  3. Final Stretch

    Can McCain gain traction in final days of campaign? Sen . John Thune weighs in

  4. Saber Rattling

    Russia: Will take military action if U.S.-Czech missile defense system moves forward

  5. 'Abuse of Legislative Power'

    Sen. Thune on possible use of 'nuclear option' to pass health care bill

  6. 'Taliban Dan' Ad Under Fire

    Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson coming under heavy criticism for taking GOP opponent's words out of context

  7. Primetime Lineup

    Wednesday, Starting at 9p ET: Will the great tax deal really help jumpstart the economy? Senators John Thune and Orrin Hatch go ‘On the Record!’