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John Murtha

Politics as Usual?

Rep. John Murtha : A Beck case study

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  1. Palin Reacts to Kentucky 'Randslide'

    Former Alaska governor on Rand Paul's big primary victory

  2. Beck: Yes I Can

    True freedom means taking responsibility for what is happening in your life

  3. Political Lessons from Primaries

    Should incumbents and 'establishment' candidates separate themselves from Washington in order to have a better chance in November?

  4. Grounded Plans

    House backs down on pricey travel budget

  5. Stimulus Spotlight

    Senator takes White House to task over wasteful spending

  6. 'Strategy Room' Newsbreak

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  7. 'Statement of Fact'?

    Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge responds to Biden, Albright crisis predictions

  8. Strategy Room' Newsbreak 2/16

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  9. Keystone State Turnover

    Pennsylvania prepares for new representation in Senate after Tuesday's primaries

  10. The Barkley Factor

    Basketball legend Charles Barkley injects racism into election polls, takes shot at FOX News

  11. Charlie Rangel's Ethics Mess

    How much trouble will charges cause for fellow Democrats in November?

  12. Filibuster-Proof

    Key races that could garner Democrats 60 seats in the Senate

  1. 'Racist Area'

    Democratic Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha makes reelection hard on himself after comment about western part of his state

  2. Slander?

    Marine sues Rep. Murtha over Haditha comments, claims congressman damaged his reputation

  3. Battleground Breakdown

    Michael Barone maps out the most competitive voting areas on the road to the White House

  4. Keystone Comeback?

    Are Rep. Murtha's controversial comments helping McCain gain ground in Pennsylvania? Gov. Ed Rendell responds

  5. The One Thing: 11/24

    Time for Obama to get his priorities in order

  6. 'Phantom Amendments'

    Secret changes to health care proposal raises questions about transparency

  7. 'Strategy Room' AM Newsbreak: 5/18

    The latest headlines from the 'StrategyRoom'

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