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Andrew Young on John Edwards !

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  1. Legal Issues of John Edwards Sex Tape

    If the politician has a risque video with his mistress, what are his rights? Plus, could Edwards be heading to jail?

  2. More Legal Troubles for John Edwards

    Fresh round of subpoenas for former presidential candidate

  3. John Edwards Made Sex Tape?

    Fmr. aide details Edwards' affair

  4. Fmr. Aide's John Edwards Tell-All

    Analysis of the revealing new book

  5. Legal Trouble Facing John Edwards ?

    Judge Jeanine Pirro breaks down complexities of affair cover-up

  6. Edwards Affair Nightmare

    What went on behind the scenes of the political saga?

  7. Edwards' to Testify on Affair

    Sworn testimony will be kept private

  8. Media Blackout

    Is the mainstream media ignoring reports of John Edwards' alleged affair because of his party affiliation?

  9. Another Edwards Bombshell

    Andrew Young tells Alan that his former boss, John Edwards , had 'a lot of previous affairs' before meeting Rielle Hunter.

  10. Political Grapevine: 8/1

    Birth certificate of John Edwards' alleged love child

  11. Psychic Medium John Edward on Jack LaLanne's Passing

    Is fitness guru aware of outpouring of support?

  12. Fox Flash: Window of Opportunity


  1. Media Blackout?

    Is the mainstream press ignoring the report of John Edwards' late-night hotel visit? 'Hannity & Colmes' face off

  2. Baldwin Unplugged

    'Hannity & Colmes' remembers Alec Baldwin's most notorious moments as the actor unleashes a new book

  3. Beyond 2008

    Do rising tensions between Palin and her aides hint at 2012 presidential run?

  4. Greta Live Wire: 6/24

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Wednesday's 'On the Record'

  5. Sanford and Sins

    Gov. Mark Sanford's affair: What's his future and what's the impact on the GOP?

  6. Scott McGillivray on 'Fox and Friends'

    How to save money and do it yourself

  7. Affair to Remember

    Report: John Edwards to admit he fathered former mistress' baby; would that impact grand jury investigation?

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