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John Cornyn

Environmental Debate

Senator John Cornyn wants more offshore drilling despite study that says it will cause damage

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  1. Under Fire

    Sen. Cornyn responds to Dems' claims that GOP are behind health care protests

  2. DOJ Violating Military's Right to Vote?

    New concerns surround overseas troops' ability to have say in elections

  3. Eye-Popping Federal Deficit

    President says economy moving in right direction

  4. Crime Shouldn't Pay

    Tying to put a stop to 'murderabilia'

  5. States Joining Forces to Block 14th Amendment

    Some states looking to deny birthright citizenship

  6. Justice Dragging Its Feet to Protect Voting Rights?

    Sen. Cornyn expresses concerns to Attorney General Holder

  7. Profiting From Tragedy? Killer's Artwork for Sale

    Center sells T-shirt designed by cop killer

  8. Fox Flash: Bear Chase


  9. Room for Compromise?

    Is the health care bill truly bipartisan?

  10. Lou Dobbs on Report Deportation Cases Will Be Dropped

    ICE denies report feds are dropping deportation cases

  11. Already Dead?

    Did something else kill health care reform that's not the CBO? Senator John Cornyn weighs in

  12. Gary Sinise on Military Voting Controversy

    Actor and outspoken troops advocate weighs in on accusations that DOJ is stalling on law to protect soldiers' rights

  1. 'Opinions Raise Questions'

    Sen . John Cornyn : America wonders if Sotomayor will uphold Constitution

  2. Battle Over Troops' Vote

    Is DOJ violating deployed military's constitutional rights?

  3. 'Don't Ignore the Evidence'

    Sen. Cornyn asks government not to turn blind eye in Fort Hood investigation

  4. Uncounted Votes?

    Senator Cornyn wants to make sure government does all it can to count ballots of overseas military personnel

  5. Obama Defends Actions in Libya

    Is U.S. military intervention in Libya justified?

  6. Roadblock on Long-Term Spending Solution

    Sen. Cornyn weighs in on budget dispute

  7. Skeptical Public

    Senator John Cornyn sounds off on Democratic plans to nationalize health care

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