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John Barrasso

  1. 'The Senate Doctors Show'

    Sens. John Barrasso and Tom Coburn have a unique perspective on the health care bill

  2. 'Magical Calculator'

    Sen. Barrasso skeptical about new cost estimates for health care reform

  3. Forbidden Word?

    Why won't some call what happened at Fort Hood terrorism?

  1. Is Bipartisanship Possible?

    Sen . John Barrasso reacts to President Obama's reach out to the GOP

  2. GOP Moving Forward With Efforts to Uproot Obamacare

    Sen. Barrasso weighs in on how Republicans plan to 'prune' health care law

  3. Barrasso: 'Let States Decide to Opt-Out'

    Wyoming senator on new concerns over health care costs, coverage

  4. 'Not the Right Plan for America'

    Sen. Barrasso blasts Senate health care plan

  5. Climbing Cost?

    Sen. Barrasso reacts to new health care reform bill audit

  6. 'Bankrupt the Nation'

    Republican Sen. Barrasso balks at cost of health care reform

  7. Capitol Hill House Call

    Doctor and Senator Barrasso weighs in on paying for health care reform