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Joe Trippi

Karl Rove, Joe Trippi on 'FNS'

Master political strategists target key races

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    Panel of experts answers viewers' election questions

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    Bret previews Sunday's show, gives you behind-the-scenes glimpse at Chris' demanding schedule

  3. White House Digs for Good Economic News

    President highlights positive aspects of grim reports

  4. The State of Obama’s Union

    Did President Obama make his case to the nation?

  5. Tough Questions From Young Voters

    President Obama defends record to young Americans

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    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  7. Washington Post Columnist Lies About Fox News

    Dana Milbank distorts FNC's election night coverage

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    Bret Baier interviews Republican Eric Cantor and Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  9. Democrats Unleash Wave of Negative Ads

    Will tactic help or hurt party on Election Day?

  1. What's a Democrat to Do?

    Joe Trippi's take on party in power's midterm predicament

  2. Was Election Referendum on President Obama?

    Democratic strategist Joe Trippi weighs in on the president's post election speech

  3. AEHQ Special

    With Capitol Hill control & America’s political agenda at stake, Bret Baier & Megyn Kelly break down every critical race. Plus, Brit Hume, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove and Joe Trippi with insight and expert analysis.

  4. Why Is Obama Meeting With Far-Left Bloggers?

    Democratic strategist Joe Trippi on president meeting with liberal writers, George Soros

  5. Did Everyone Behave During State of the Union?

    Panel rates the speech and analyzes what was said

  6. Ducks Lining Up for 2012

    Who's on the short list for GOP?

  7. October Surprise From President Obama?

    Growing speculation that president plans to extend Bush tax cuts