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Jim Webb

George Allen Announces 2012 Senate Bid

Former Virginia senator to run for his old seat

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  1. Senators Want 9/11 Trial Funding Cut

    Bipartisan group backs legislation to cut funding for civilian court trials

  2. Democrat Opposes Civilian Terror Trials

    Sen. Lincoln co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation to cut 9/11 trial funding

  3. Hitting Obamacare Where It Hurts Most

    Republicans eye defunding health care overhaul

  4. What People Want

    Hank Sheinkopf talks politics

  5. Climate-Gate Casualty?

    Will global warming controversy KO cap-and-trade?

  6. Cutting Off the Funds

    Sen. Lindsey Graham introduces bill to cut off funds for civilian trial for 9/11 terrorists

  7. Cream of the Crop?

    Is there truth behind the swelling rumors that Gov. Tim Kaine has topped Obama's VP list? 'The Live Desk' panel weighs in

  8. 'Tricks' Up Boehner's Sleeves?

    All-Star panel reacts to Bret Baier's interview with presumptive House speaker

  1. Shut Up and Salute

    White House and military commanders scuffle over Afghan strategy

  2. First Tea Partier Jumps Into 2012 Senate Race

    Jamie Radtke sets sights on Virginia Senate seat

  3. Lips & Ears: 6/20

    Brangelina to adopt again, a scandalous Madonna tell-all by her brother, and funny money in Congress uncovered

  4. Talking Points: 7/30

    Confronting dishonesty, part two

  5. Charles Grodin on 'Justice With Judge Jeanine'

    Actor voices long-held opposition to felony murder law

  6. Senate Rejects Two Spending Plans

    Budget outlines turned down as government shutdown looms again

  7. Struggle to Define Mission in Libya

    White House facing questions about endpoint in conflict