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Plane crash kills son of Oklahoma Sen. Inhofe

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe’s son, Perry Inhofe, a Tulsa orthopedic surgeon, died Sunday in a plane crash, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel confirmed late Monday."I was deeply saddened to learn that Senator Jim Inhofe's son Perry was killed in a plane crash this weekend," Hagel said  "My thoughts and prayers are with Jim and Kay and their family as they mourn this terrible loss."The younger Inhofe, 52, reportedly crashed near Owasso, Okla., a northern suburb of Tulsa.The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said it was waiting for the medical examiner to identify the crash victim. Neither Senator Inhofe nor his office have released any statement about the crash.The Tulsa International Airport said the pilot of the twin-engine plane issued an alert at 3:45 p.m. Sunday asking for immediate assistance, then crashed five miles north of the airport in a wooded area.Inhofe’s plane had left Salina, Kansas and was making the 43-minute flight to Tulsa when the accident occurred, according to

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  4. Defense official: Perry Inhofe, son of Okla. senator, killed in weekend plane crash in Tulsa

    The son of U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe was killed in a weekend plane crash in northeast Oklahoma, the U.S. Secretary of Defense confirmed.Dr. Perry Inhofe, a 52-year-old or...

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