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Jim DeMint

Church and State

Senator Jim DeMint says stimulus bill is 'an attack on people of faith'

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  1. Drill Now Act

    Senator Jim DeMint introduces legislation to permanently open offshore drilling

  2. Hold Your Horses

    Sen . Jim DeMint explains why he thinks $700 billion bailout bill is a bad idea

  3. An Army of One?

    Senator DeMint on TARP!

  4. DeMint Takes On Establishment Republicans

    Jim DeMint emerges as kingmaker of new crop of fiscally conservative Republicans

  5. Special Report

    Tuesday 6pm ET: The Race for 2012! Is Jim DeMint's Tea Party backing enough to put him in the Oval Office?

  1. Not Buying It?

    South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint on whether agreement is being reached over bailout bill

  2. Global Outrage on Fed's $600 Billion Spending Spree

    Sen . Jim DeMint on growing anger over move to keep interest rates low

  3. Is a Government Shutdown Ahead?

    Sen . Jim DeMint on Obama's budget proposal and the showdown ahead

  4. Over-stimulated?

    Sen . Jim DeMint on possible third stimulus; giving new powers to the Fed

  5. Progress?

    Update from Sen . Jim DeMint on $700 billion bailout plan

  6. 'We've Got a Shot'

    Republican Senator Jim DeMint on stopping health care reform

  7. Primetime

    Wednesday starting at 9p: Senator Jim DeMint on his strategy to create a more conservative GOP on Hannity. Then which party will really lock down the polls this election? Newt Gingrich reveals his midterm predictions On the Record.