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Jim Bunning

Long Odds

U.S. Senator Jim Bunning seems to have a few strikes against him in his bid for re-election

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  1. Will Tea Party Take Kentucky?

    Rand Paul confident while Bill Clinton campaigns for Dem candidate for Senate

  2. FED Accountability

    Will Americans learn the truth about the FED if a real audit occurs?

  1. Transparency Pitch

    Sen. Bunning calls for 72-hour waiting period before bills go up for vote

  2. Banking on Bernanke

    Will FED chairman stay for second term?

  3. Short-Term Fix?

    Senator Jim Bunning says bailout bill does nothing to address problems down the line

  4. Battle Lines Drawn in Bluegrass State

    Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Trey Grayson makes his case against opponent Rand Paul

  5. Lips & Ears: 5/2

    Miley Cyrus ducks for cover, Aniston and Mayer make a pair and 'Sex' hits Washington

  6. SR 2010 Midterm Election Series-Kentucky

    Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson talks about his campaign for US Senate

  7. Don't Panic!

    Dave Ramsey's advice for Americans worried about financial future