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Jesse Jackson

Rev . Jesse Jackson vs. Barack Obama

Civil rights leader apologies for controversial remarks about presidential candidate

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  1. Talking Points: 7/16

    Americans and oil

  2. Hit or Miss?

    Former Jesse Jackson campaign manager Ron Daniels breaks down Obama's speech to the NAACP

  3. A Trickle-Up Economy?

    Rev . Jesse Jackson tells Alan why he’s calling for 'a radical reordering of our economy.'

  4. Explosive Comments

    Rev . Jesse Jackson caught on tape badmouthing Obama

  5. Fixing the Economy

    Rev . Jesse Jackson tells Alan what he thinks should be done to fix our current economic situation.

  6. Cuban Movie Buffs Hit Cinemas

    Films from Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and Brazil were featured

  7. Rev. Jackson: 'People Are Going to Fight Back'

    Civil rights activist weighs in on Wisconsin union standoff, budget vote

  8. Gov. Walker Stands His Ground in Wisconsin, Part 1

    Proposed budget cuts spur union protests

  9. Political Hangover?

    Some Democrats blame Bush administration for Olympic snub

  10. Left's Scapegoat

    Liberals blame Bush for losing 2016 Olympics

  11. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  12. Jesse Jackson's Beef

    Obama accepts apology from the reverend for his derogatory comments about the presidential candidate

  1. Rev . Jesse Jackson Live 'On the Record'

    Civil rights activist gives Greta his mea culpa for Obama remarks

  2. Rev . Jesse Jackson Part 2

    Civil rights activist explains his controversial remarks regarding Barack Obama

  3. Calculated Move?

    Did Reverend Jesse Jackson know his comment about Obama would be picked up?

  4. Ignoring Main Street?

    Reverend Jesse Jackson leads anti-bailout protest

  5. Jackson Uncut

    What else did Jesse Jackson say on FNC tape? Bill O'Reilly responds

  6. Divisive Remarks

    Rev. Al Sharpton weighs in on Jackson-Obama scandal

  7. Fair Coverage?

    Why are Katie Couric, Charles Gibson and Brian Williams going to Iraq with Obama?

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