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Jeff Sessions

'Very Troubling'

Sen . Jeff Sessions fears Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor will inject her opinions into decisions

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  1. Reaching Across the Aisle

    Sen . Jeff Sessions says 'non-partisan' talks key to Obama's success as president

  2. GOP Criticizes Terror Suspect Handling

    Republican lawmakers says White House had wrong approach to Christmas Day bomber suspect

  3. 'Best Way to Proceed'

    Sen. Cardin stands behind Holder's decision to try 9/11 suspects in U.S.

  4. Big Three Bailout

    Will the rescue plan be for $15 billion or $50 billion? GOP Senator Jeff Sessions weighs in

  5. 'It Was Unconscionable'

    Senator John McCain criticizes Congress for housing crisis, discusses economy, Burris, Obama

  6. 'Makes No Sense'

    Sen. Sessions says trying 9/11 suspects in U.S. will 'create a lot of complications'

  7. Budget 'Not Heading in Right Direction'

    Sen. Sessions describes Obama's new budget as 'scary'

  8. Ben Bernanke: Good Man for the Job?

    White House pushes for Fed Reserve chairman to keep his position

  9. Tax Hikes Ahead?

    Dick Armey and Ron Paul say you will be footing the bill for Obama's stimulus plan

  10. Ruling Reversal

    How Supreme Court overturning Judge Sotomayor's decision in affirmative action case could affect her getting confirmed

  11. Politics Hurt Anti-Terrorism Efforts?

    Nation's senior intelligence official complains about factors making his job harder

  12. Is Justice Blind?

    Will Sotomayor's biases influence her rulings?

  1. Judging Sotomayor

    Sen . Jeff Sessions previews Sotomayor confirmation hearings

  2. Obama Won No New Friends

    Sen . Jeff Sessions says Obama used some 'sharp and partisan' tones in address

  3. Kagan's Road to the High Court

    Sen . Jeff Sessions on Supreme Court nominee's path to confirmation

  4. In Session!

    Sen. Session on terror!

  5. Sen. Sessions on Battle Over Arizona Law

    Republican lawmaker on Obama administration's handling of immigration

  6. GOP Urging Major Cuts in D.C.

    Sen. Sessions on taming tide of red ink in Washington

  7. Road to Justice?

    Sen. Sessions on upcoming Sotomayor confirmation hearings

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