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Jay Rockefeller

Joe Manchin: 'Take the Fight to Washington'

Popular West Virginia governor wins Senate seat

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  1. First Hurdle Passed

    What's next for the Baucus bill now that the Senate Finance Committee gave it the thumbs up?

  2. EPA Revokes Surface Mining Permits

    'Mountaintop removal' guidelines change

  3. Will West Virginia Flip to Red?

    John Rease on fight for Senate seat, ad flap

  4. Budget Extension Approved... Again

    Senate votes on three-week measure to avoid government shutdown

  5. Snowe Support?

    Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner on possibility of a Republican senator voting for Baucus bill

  6. Bush Victory

    Senate passes newest version of legislation governing electronic surveillance of terror suspects

  7. Political Sideshow

    Karl Rove responds to calls for investigation of Bush administration